Poetic Flow

I am pleased to share a few selected excerpts from my debut book, "Sentiments of the Heart: The Emergence". 


In the secret place of the Most High
You are protected
Your angels watching over you
Keeping you in all you do
In the secret place of the Most High
You are protected...
Based on Psalm 91

In Too Deep

Have you ever been in too deep?
I’m talking about in love just
Continued to seep
Way into the point where you found you couldn’t think
So, the essence of love poured over your head until deeper
you continued to sink
If only I wasn’t in so deep...

He can’t breathe, but I can
Our heart aches
Our soul cries
Our eyes are not blind
Injustice...we will not ignore
Because surely it is “just us”
And no... it’s not... “it is...what it is”
It’s all of our lives...not just his...
But our fathers, husbands and our kids...

I Can't Breathe


Days like these I try not to be so sentimental
Just that all these thoughts and memories
flood my mind and disturb my mental.
I am just so Sentimental
My Mental ability to just be in the moment
Imagining my life perfect only if but for a moment.
I am just so Sentimental...


Know that their rejection is an
Exception not the rule.
There has already been an
Exemption to the rule,
Through an injection of Love
That you are not rejected, but
Fully Accepted in the Beloved
So it’s not really Rejection

You are under Love’s Protection...

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