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Get My New Book

STARTS MAY 12 • 7 WEEKS • $69.99

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Be Transformed by His Love as We

Journey from Grief to Relief!

We have experienced so much loss and we know that death is a part of life, but the knowledge of that fact does not make the experience any less difficult...

I am 

living witness...

It’s been almost 10 years since my son, Mervin L. Jones III, went to rest in the arms of the Lord (7/30/99-5/18/11). 

It has been quite a journey for me and now I am finally ready to share the lessons of “My Journey From Grief to Relief”. I have been on a journey of transformation and healing.

Using the tools based on my own experience, I am now ready to help others, transition and transform their thinking, to enter to a space of relief on their healing journey.*

Are you still angry about the loss of your loved one? 

Are you still in a very painful place when you talk about or think about the death of your loved one or the death of your marriage? 

Have you wondered if you will ever be at a place of peace when it comes to the loss of your loved one? 

Then join me on this Journey of Grief to Relief!

Don't miss this opportunity!

Reserve your seat for this class series that will change the way you think about winning in the midst of loss.

We will talk about being on the emotional rollercoaster, the feeling that no one knows my pain, and I’m all alone in this, and so much more!

You will learn practical tools I used over my 10 year journey, since the loss of my 11 year old son. I am sharing my testimony and lessons learned. I am living proof that what I will share works.

To facilitate ample discussion time in a more intimate and safe virtual setting, spaces are limited to 25.

Grab your seat NOW

Sentimental the Poetess

*Disclaimer: I am only sharing from my personal experiences of coming to a very real place of relief after the passing away of my son. I am NOT a licensed therapist, counselor or practitioner.